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Important MMS Reseller Update
PGL International
Project GreenLife

Please Contact Customer Care Between 8am-5pm
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Thank you!

Dear MMS Reseller,
Its been a long haul, but the time has come to officially introduce you to our new Reseller website…

You may have already seen the new site during the last thirty days of "soft-launch".  During this time we have worked to "squash bugs" and make the site more functional.  We hope we are doing OK and welcome your feedback.

There are a few important things we need to share with you about the new site and the MMS market in general.

Important Topics
Using Old Site
Loggin In
Hiding Reseller Button
Sharing Your Site
Generating Links
Phone Order Credit
Using Old Site
New Features
New Products
Your Feedback
Buyer Beware
FDA Approval?
Swine Flu
In Conclusion

Earning Commissions
Just as you have earned commissions with the sales of MMS in the past, you will now ALSO receive commissions for any of the other products that appear on your site.  Commission amounts vary depending upon the pricing we were able to acquire from suppliers and manufacturers.

To view the commission amounts, simply log into your account.  As you view each product, so long as you are logged in as a Reseller, you will see additional information regarding wholesale prices, commissions and rebates.  As always, as a Reseller you may take advantage of wholesale pricing for yourself and "your circle".

Using the Old MMS Miracle Site
Some people have asked if they can still direct customers to the old site (MmsMiracle {dot} com).  Yes.  When your customers visit your MMS Miracle site and add something to the shopping cart, instead of going to PayPal’s shopping cart, they are forwarded to your new site, adding the product to the new Project GreenLife shopping cart.   Note, you do NOT lose the sale or customer during this site transfer.  Some people have thought they might lose sales or customers when this happens.  Absolutely NOT.  Your customers are YOUR customers and we do everything we can to keep it that way.

We would like to hear from you in regards to the use of the old site vs the new.  We are open to changes that make sense and will help you share products more effectively with others.

Logging Into Your New Site
Logging into your new site is done by clicking on the "My Account" button at the top of  Use the same credentials you provided when you set up your MMS Miracle account.  If you’ve forgotten your password you can request it be emailed to you from the login page.  You will need to know the email address you used when you set up your original account.  Note, there is nothing you have to do to activate your new site.  Your site is already operational – accepting customers and tracking your sales and commissions.

Hiding Become a Reseller Button
If you’re going to be an active Reseller and you haven’t done this already, we recommend you log into your account and "hide" the "Become a Reseller" button.  This option can be found under the "Reseller Information" link of your Account Menu page.  Just put a check in the "Hide Reseller Sign-up" box and click "Continue".  The reason this is not done automatically is that many people sign up just to take advantage of wholesale pricing and never share the site with others.  We recommend if you plan to share your site with others as a business that you hide the sign-up button so you don’t lose sales to others who might be doing the same.

Sharing Your New Site
(What’s My Link?)
Sharing your new site with others is just as easy as it was with the old site.  Your new site is simply: reseller name]

When a customer visits your site, our system places a harmless cookie on their computer making them your customer at for all future sales, regardless of what appears in their address bar. 

Note, when someone visits your site, the friendly reseller name in the address is replaced by your actual reseller number as this is how our system tracks sales and commissions (i.e. id]).

Another way you or your customers can find your site is by using your reseller name as a sub domain.  An example of how to do this would be:

Note, this will only work with names that do not have spaces or special characters.  Here, again, the visitor will be forwarded to the actual reseller number as explained above.

Creating Links to Separate Products
When you log into your account there is a feature called "Generate Links"  This will allow you to generate links to individual products with YOUR Reseller ID.  This will take visitors directly to any specific product you wish to market and insure you capture them as your customer.

Commissions for Phone Orders
For orders that are called in, our staff will note the "extension" requested by the customer.  If one is not provided and the caller is placing a retail order, we will ask for this "ID" to insure you still receive credit for your customer’s order. 

Note, the "extension" that displays next to the PGL 888 phone number on your site is your Reseller ID and tells our Customer Care staff who the order belongs to.  Your Reseller ID is also displayed at the bottom of the website.

Receiving Payouts
PGL still does regular payouts via PayPal.  These typically take place from one to three times a week depending on the volume. 

We can now accommodate two email addresses attached to your account, one that is your common email and another that is specifically for payouts.  These are managed in the Account Menu under "Billing Address" and "Reseller Information"

Other New Features
There are a number of new features built into your new site.  You can now store multiple Shipping Addresses, view Previous Orders, View Commissions in detail and keep a "Wish List" of products you’re interested in trying.

New Products
A quick note about new products…

First, each new product we’ve selected has been recommended to us either by 1) an educated staff member, 2) an enthusiastic customer, or 3) an educated health-care professional.  When we receive a recommendation we begin by testing the product, either amongst staff, family, friends, or select customers – to insure the product stands up to the PGL vision.  What is important to us is that we don’t carry random or trendy products just to carry them.  We want to make sure each product provides an intrinsic benefit towards the goal of improved health and consciousness.

Our primary focus is on the following categories which, in our experience, are key to experiencing a radical and personal health revolution.  These are… 1) Hydration, 2) Alkalization, 2) Detoxification, 4) Nutrification, 5) Bio-Electrification, and 6) Education.  We don’t have the room here to go into all the products we’ve added to each category but we will share more in subsequent newsletters.

We would like to point out that there are a number of new products we are carrying that are not yet on the site.  A few of these include Transdermal Magnesium Oil, Living Clay Products, Miracle II Products, Barley Gold, Flax Lignan, and DMSO.  Please stay tuned as these and others will be live on the site any day.

Your Feedback
We’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on how we may improve the new site and our service to you and your customers. 

We recognize that, truly, we would not be here without you so your input is highly valued.  Please feel free to call (775.636.7423) or email ( with your thoughts, concerns and ideas.

Buyer Beware
Something is "going on" in the MMS market that we would like to make our Resellers aware of.  If you Google "MMS" you will most likely see at the top of the Google Ads that someone is advertising an MMS-like product for $17.99.  If you click on that Google ad you may notice some interesting things.  First, this site’s product copy is an exact lift from the PGL website (at least at the time of this writing).  In addition, the name of the product is made to sound and look like PGL’s and the actual text on the label is presented in the same format as MMS Professional.

In the last few months, we have received a significant number of phone calls from people inquiring as to where their product was – claiming that days or even weeks had passed since they had ordered, yet we had no record of them in our system.  After some time on the phone, our customer care team, Tammy, Linda and Lorinda, were been able to determine along with the customers that they had not, in fact, purchased MMS from PGL, but rather from this other site.

What confounded us the most was when customers insisted they had ordered from us because their credit card statement listed "PGL-***" in the vendor column, though when they forwarded their receipt this settled the fact that they had clearly ordered from the other site.  It is noteworthy that, in the beginning, this site actually utilized a duplicate copy of our site, contributing further to the confusion.  When we asked them to discontinue doing so it was a considerable amount of time before they complied.  When you add all this up it was understanable that individuals naturally thought they were buying from PGL and that PGL was giving them poor service, not-to-mention they thought they were buying MMS for $17.99, but by the time they received it, the amount charged was $32-$34 and many wanted their money back.  We began to feel that the PGL brand was being hijacked in a systematic way that made PGL look bad in the market place.

Probably the biggest confusion this site has created is that some PGL Resellers have thought it was us (PGL) trying to "back door" their retail sales.  This, of course, is absolutely NOT true.  As mentioned above, PGL recognizes the important role of Resellers in getting the word out and that without MMS Resellers, PGL would not be here.  To PGL, this is a team effort between you, the Reseller, and all of us who are committed to managing the infrastructure necessary to allow for the ongoing manufacture, customer-care and fulfillment of MMS and other great products.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, please direct them to

A Word About "FDA Approval"
We have received reports that some people believe, or are suggesting that PGL’s MMS Professional is "Approved by the FDA". 

First, PGL International would like to clarify that while MMS Professional is manufactured by an "FDA certified GMP compliant Nutraceutical lab", this does not mean the product – MMS Professional – is "FDA Approved".  The fact is, MMS Professional is not FDA Approved nor does it aim to be.  "FDA Approval" is typically sought after in the US for "drugs" that wish to have an on-the-record label claim (claiming to affect a particular disease or disease symptom).  It is "FDA Approval" that gives a manufacturer the legal right to make any "disease claim" which, by the way, is a most arduous task involving millions of dollars and years of clinical trials.

While MMS is not FDA Approved for the treatment of any particular disease, MMS Professional (its ingredients) are GRAS or "Generally Recognized as Safe".  Since MMS Professional is not a drug and no claims are made as such, "FDA Approval" for MMS Professional Water Purification Drops is non-relevant. 

We ask that you keep this in mind in your marketing efforts and to be certain that you never make a claim that may put you, other MMS Resellers, PGL, individuals like Jim Humble, or the availability of MMS at risk. 

In addition, Jim Humble has requested all resellers of MMS to avoid the use of "FDA" verbiage altogether (except where mandated by law) to avoid any further confusion.  PGL will be editing its sites to support Jim’s request.  We’re sorry for any confusion this may have caused in the past.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, please direct them to

A Word About Swine Flu
One more thought I’d like to share before I close. 

It is difficult to ascertain what the near future may hold in regards to the world economy and the swine flu.  Some people believe both are engineered.  Others believe the virus is merely a media scare to sell vaccines.  You may be aware that the World Health Organization recently raised the world pandemic level to the highest possible – phase six – see:   Recent news reports state that the CDC presently estimates one million people in the US are currently carrying the H1N1 virus.  Another reports claims the CDC estimates one hundred thousand new cases a day are expected in the UK by late August.  There is talk of raising one billion dollars to produce 600 million vaccines and the question of the day is, will there be a "friendly" or a "compulsory" campaign to vaccinate Americans and other participating countries.

In a letter this morning from the Secretary of Health & Human Services addressed to all Americans, it reads "Today, we are holding an H1N1 Influenza Preparedness Summit in conjunction with the White House to discuss our Nation’s preparedness. We are working together to monitor the spread of 2009-H1N1 and to prepare to initiate a voluntary fall vaccination program against the 2009-H1N1 flu virus…".  What most people are not aware of is that phase six provides a mandate for compulsory vaccinations in all participating countries.  This would make it illegal to refuse vaccination likely resulting in detainment.  Our hope is you will continue to do your own research in this regard and share with us your conclusions.

In Conclusion…
Thank you for allowing us to share this update with you.  please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Good Health & Many Blessings,
Daniel & The Project GreenLife Staff

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