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If you’re new to the germ-destroying power of MMS, it is a recent discovery. It’s a broad spectrum penny-per-dose germicidal agent that people mix in their kitchens. It purifies water (cities use it) but some people drink a few drops in water because viruses and pathogens in our bodies are targeted by MMS and killed. Accumulated toxins are eliminated. It is used sometimes to remove stubborn infections and pathogens. Learn more about MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution.  [Click Here]  to learn how it works.

N E W S L E T T E R     0 0 6   T O P I C S

Topic 1. Jim Humble writes a draft message to the public about using MMS as a Flu deterrent.
Topic 2. Thoughts about pandemic forced vaccinations and the MMS family – getting ready.

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Jim Humble writes here about the upcoming pandemic in a style that might be republished later in magazines and Internet news sites. This newsletter version is copyrighted and may not be reprinted or republished without permission. Contact is

At Stake: Your Life and the Lives of Your Loved Ones.
by Jim Humble, August, 2009.    
Please, let me tell you about one of the most important chemicals that exists related to the health of mankind. It could save your life tomorrow, or anytime in the future.
As you probably know by now the swine flu is a disease said to have been created in government laboratories and released in Mexico about May 1, 2009.

Instead of the “less than 100” deaths reported in Mexico, it has been unofficially established by many radio stations that several thousand deaths actually happened. I established that number of deaths while I was living in Mexico by calling people I knew who live there who were employed at the hospitals.
< img> This chemical I want to tell you about is actually a miracle when you find how it works. A drop or two of it can go into your body and kill all of the disease-causing pathogens without killing any of the beneficial bacteria or doing any kind of damage to your normal body cells.

It has been used for over 70 years to purify and remove disease germs from water without killing beneficial bacteria in the water. So without beating about the bush let me tell you about the two chemicals that are involved. Chlorine dioxide does all of the beneficial work, and a mineral called sodium chlorite is used to generate the beneficial chlorine dioxide – to be explained.

Sodium chlorite (precursor to the miracle chlorine dioxide chemical) is found naturally in many places on Earth but is most often manufactured for use in city water purifying systems and other situations where fungus or germs need to be terminated. The way it works is that a little lemon juice or vinegar is added to the sodium chlorite and within minutes, it generates the miracle mineral – chlorine dioxide.

That’s what they used (the ClO2) to clear government offices of anthrax. It is used to clear cruise ships of those nasty stomach viruses you read about. It was used to clear New Orleans restaurants of deadly fungus growths after the Katrina devastation. A video of that process was in one of the MMS newsletters. Chlorine dioxide is actually a gas, OR if water is added, the ClO2 becomes ionic molecules in the water – it spreads through the water as ions of ClO2.

Chlorine dioxide as generated by sodium chlorite has already saved more than a hundred thousand lives. It is called MMS – short for Miracle Mineral Solution. Let me tell you how it works and why. You can check my information for accuracy. It is all simply chemistry. Just find any good chemist and ask him or her about what I say, or go to the local university and talk to a chemistry professor. Chemistry is chemistry and you simply can’t deny that chemical reactions follow the rules of chemistry. This is one of those things you can check with science.

Sort of like dropping an orange. When you open your fingers gravity pulls the orange downward. It follows the rules of gravity. You can check it by dropping an orange. You don’t need a 100 million dollar testing program. In the case of chlorine dioxide, 70 years of use in water supplies has already demonstrated the safety and usefulness of ClO2 as a powerful germicide.

I put together a six page brochure with illustrations explaining the chemistry of chlorine dioxide and how it performs like an oxidizer – but at a voltage level below oxygen or other oxidizing therapies. At .95 volts it can not and does not harm normal living cells, but it’s a lightening storm for pathogens of all types. The brochure can be downloaded later if you need objective reasons why ClO2 is so effective in destroying all pathogens.  [Here] .

For clinic owners or doctors, there is also a medical college professor (Dr. Hesselink) who prepared a grand illustrated lecture series describing the ClO2 attributes for pre-med students. Students access the course materials on the Internet, explaining "Bioredox" chemical reactions that kill pathogens when it is available in the body. Owners of health clinics or medical students will enjoy his graphic presentations. The notes are for pre-med students but they are illustrated and might be useful to persons who need to know the basis for these germicidal claims. Later you can  [Click Here]   to see those highly visual resources.

Oxygen is often used in medical procedures to kill germs, but it doesn’t differentiate between living cells and pathogens. Only a few of the hundreds of thousands of chemicals are oxidizers. Of course, oxygen is an oxidizer, and so are a few other chemicals like ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine dioxide. The difference in oxidizers is that some are more powerful than others with no two being the same. Ozone, for example, is the strongest of all oxidizers with hydrogen peroxide a close second. Oxygen is somewhat less strong, but it still has quite a bit of power to oxidize. It does certain oxidation damage in the body. That’s why the body manufactures antioxidants to keep oxidation damage to a minimum. People take antioxidant capsules to counter oxygen damage to body cells.

This Lyme story came in on March 4, 2009.

I have been diagnosed with lymes disease and suffered for many years. I came across the MMS site and with much skepticism bought the product.

The results have been truly a miracle. My knees no longer have pain the numbness in my feet are gone. I feel years younger over a course of 3 months.

I had the diarrhea-detox for a couple days but have now reached 15 drops twice daily. I must say thank you Mr. Humble for your discovery. My life has returned. Maria

Chlorine dioxide on the other hand, our miracle mineral, is a weak oxidizer. It simply doesn’t have the oxidization strength to do damage to body tissues or cells and yet it can rip holes in the sides of bacteria. It is a chemical with an amazing oxidation characteristic. It has just enough power to destroy the skin of a bacterium without being able to oxidize body cells. It also prevents the special proteins of viruses from forming, and thus they cannot mature or reproduce – so they die.

Do you see? This is a miracle mineral that will kill all known pathogen-causing diseases. It easily kills all the new diseases with no more problem than all the rest of the historic diseases. I dare not say it kills the swine flu as the FDA has promised to punish anyone who promotes remedies for the various flu strains they are introducing in their vaccination injections. However, let me say this is a ploy to get the whole world vaccinated for the swine flu. Think of the billions of dollars they will make. And no one can be held liable for the damage the vaccinations may cause – unlike the billions in lawsuits during the 1976 vaccination program under President Ford.

Laboratories claim that they already have an effective vaccine, but any biologist will tell you it is impossible to have the vaccine before you have the disease, but they claim they have it – plus they are reintroducing the Spanish flu which was dead, gone, and buried by 1920 or 21. They had to dig it up to assist with the other existing strains they will inject into the people of 194 countries who owe allegiance to the WHO World Health Organization.

Their vaccine contains mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and viral materials – living and dead. Thousands of people die each year from vaccines and you never hear about it. One author dug up statistics from New York State and found that most people who died from the Spanish flu in 1919 were the people who were vaccinated or who took newly-discovered aspirin so they could continue going to work.

This particular vaccine today in 2009 is claimed to provide protection against the swine flu but it will rob your health and decrease your lifetime. It can’t be otherwise with the new Squalene and poisons they are injecting directly into your blood.

Thousands of people call me and I visit many places. I have found dozens of new diseases around the world. Nature doesn’t create those diseases but government labs do. The miracle mineral I’m talking about here is the only answer to these man-made diseases. Known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), it is now produced on a grass roots level.

In about 30 countries, more than 100 people prepare 4 ounce bottles of this MMS chemical solution in their own homes or in private labs and then provide it for sale, or as a gift to sick or dying friends.

I don’t sell MMS. My job is to see that it is spread across the world. I teach and train people. Well over 650,000 bottles have been purchased that we know of. Typically, four ounces is a years supply – costing about $20, a one-time purchase. MMS is a pennies-per-dose agent that people mix and use at home. After activation with lemon juice or unfiltered vinegar, they add a glass of water and drink it.

That’s what I want. I want people who see the sense of this miracle chemical. They should purchase it at a low price without coercion. No MLM, no recruiting, or clever marketing. We don’t need more customers, we need people to be freed of the pathogens they are hosting. People should not have to spend their last dollar treating a life threatening disease.

If people can buy MMS at a low cost and it lasts a year, it can be available to anyone once they understand the way it works and why it is like a universal antibiotic that can’t be made useless when a virus or bacteria evolves into a new strain. This web site with no advertising or purchase options provides many educational pages and articles about MMS.  [] .

This chemical solution is now called MMS, short for Miracle Mineral Solution. My two books about it are published in eight languages. Volumes one and two are bound together and can be found listed at the education site above.

More than one million people in the US have used MMS since 2006. Another million people have used MMS throughout the rest of the world. It is made in every country of Europe, plus Australia, South Africa, Mexico and many other countries. The name of the hardback book is "The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century" which you can purchase. However, Volume One can be downloaded at no cost from  [] .

YOU ARE PROHIBITED from suing for damages if harmed by any vaccine.

Whether you are forced to receive a shot, or if you voluntarily want a free government shot, current US laws exclude doctors, nurses, labs, and governments from liability. It’s also part of each country’s agreement with the World Health Organization.
  In 1975 over 1.5 billion $$ in law suits piled up before that universal inoculation program was stopped. Too many cases of paralysis, paraplegics, autistic symptoms, brain damage, and deaths resulted from the shots. Even if live viruses give you polio, neither the drug company nor the health provider can be held responsible.

Earth needs this Miracle Mineral desperately. There are more diseases isolated every year. Medical expenses have gone out the roof. The printed side effects on most pharmaceutical drugs sometimes lead to additional prescriptions that make the first drug tolerable for a while longer until a third experimental drug is switched in or out – to find experimentally what will work. So don’t think that MMS with million of users is "too experimental." MMS is used voluntarily worldwide by millions of people so it is better tested and proven safe than most prescription drugs when used within the limits suggested.

MMS is the one thing anyone can use to treat any disease. The complete data on how to make and use MMS is in my books throughout the world. Anyone can do it. Twenty methods or protocols for using it in various situations are at  [] .

Since 2006 I had been answering email questions about MMS, but no longer because my answers are now indexed on the Internet for easy look up at  [] . Once there you can click on any of about 200 diseases and my answers to many hundreds of people are searched to gather 5 or 10 answers related to the disease of interest.

In my books I put the information about how to make MMS and how to use it personally so that no one would ever get control of MMS including myself. This chemical is too important to mankind to allow anyone to have control. Especially with the " worldwide flu pandemic" announced by the WHO.

More than 100,000 MMS books have been sold around the world and the free volume has been downloaded a million times at least. (see above link.) It would be pretty hard to stamp out all those books. However if "they" tried, in the event of my death or disappearance these books becomes public domain, and anyone can print and sell them.

MMS can be purchased from many Internet sites. While there are over 1,000 MMS suppliers, a few hundred have registered their web sites (by country) here at  [] . Or, you can use a search engine to look for " Miracle Mineral," or "Jim Humble," or "sodium chlorite," or "chlorine dioxide," or "MMS Supplies." It only costs about $20 for a one year supply – less than one cent a dose. I don’t sell MMS, but others do and I want them to. I want MMS to be available to all persons throughout the world in as many countries as possible.

Please help in spreading information about this miracle mineral. Forward this article or newsletter to other friends. Most people have some concern about their body and some may see the sense of this simple miracle mineral. It provides no nutrition but it subtracts pathogens that are often hosted in our bodies. The immune system fights those rogue pathogens for a while, then tolerates them. MMS provides a silver bullet. When it shows up, the immune system puts it to good use, plundering and killing germs and pathogens you’ve been collecting since childhood.


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MMS Resellers.

Typically $20 for a one-year supply.
 [ HERE ]


Enliv’n Lyme &
Co-Infection Nosode

This product reduces and minimizes most symptoms associated with Lyme Disease. Excessive reactions will diminish.
These symptoms will be reduced in most cases: fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, tired eyes, joint pain, depression, and general weakness. Safe for pets. Each $40 order provides a box with two sets of sealed tablets. A second set is sometimes required to complete remediation.
All shipping is US $5.00. 
Ask for "Pat" (651) 398-2784


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Listen to Adam Abraham on Internet Radio.
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Read His Blog about Jim Humble "On The Move" and Swine Flu Pandemic options.
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If you think that MMS is "too experimental" or "not yet proven" then reflect on the experiments you have been exposed to from the professionals. Sometimes they look in a big book and then select from a list of categorized pills to pick one and see if it helps. Next visit they may prescribe another pill, or both pills, plus a bottle of something. This involves monthly office visits, then specialists are consulted, then, x-rays, surgery, and bills, and more bills. Not always, but eventually, on a death bed, all those medical experiments end with condolences to the relatives saying that "the finest and best that medical science has to offer was delivered for your loved one." Meanwhile, no one has died when experimenting with MMS and millions have benefited as testimonial letters demonstrate.
See  [Miracle Mineral Stories] .

You may think that MMS possibly worked for someone here or there, but you wonder if it could deal with your germs, your heavy metals, your yeast, your parasites, your fungus, your skin disease, your budget. Be assured, MMS can’t help itself – it will kill pathogens whoever they belong to. That’s what it does – it kills germs in the air, in city water supplies, in swimming pools that use it, in carpets, on skin, in foods, any pathogen – anywhere. And, if you allow a few ClO2 ions to be circulated for a few hours by red blood cells in your body, the ClO2 will strike at any germ or bacteria in your body, ripping its walls apart and that’s the end of it.

After you achieve noticeable changes in your own body from the use of MMS, you can spread the MMS miracle without hesitation. That’s how millions of people found out about it – word of mouth. Tell others, "MMS is a penny-per-dose broad-spectrum antibiotic that you mix in your kitchen for your private use."

If you long for an approving authority before you test this anti-bacterial agent, you may find him or her next door – a neighbor. There is no central MMS help-desk at this time – the Jim Humble Foundation awaits funding and donations. Therefore the only authority may be other people like you who took the challenge and reversed 20 years of post-nasal drip, or 20 years of blood sugar from over 210 but now down to 95 every morning (apparently an inflamed pancreas was relieved). These evangelizing people sometimes act like authorities – they have been seen pointing the finger while proclaiming the MMS story in grocery store aisles.

Some testimonials are posted at  [] . If a disease or illness is caused by a pathogen – known or unknown, MMS will soon prepare it for removal.

In Chapter 4 of the US EPA Environmental Protection Agency Manual, they describe ClO2 as a powerful and preferred germicide in treating and stopping the spread of infectious materials. You can read that article  [Here] .

Consider sending this newsletter to a friend or neighbor. Click here and if you have an email package on your computer, it will come up with the correct link already in place.
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You have to add the recipient’s name – or someone from your address book.

Let me just mention that I am pretty much paranoid. That’s more true since I was warned to get out of Mexico during the first part of the swine flu scare. I’ll remain hidden and will move about frequently. I hear the argument that if MMS was any good, doctor’s would have picked up on it years ago. Well, it was discovered in 1947, and here I am alone in Africa in 2009, paranoid, hoping I’m not taken down before the truth about MMS gets out. Donations to the Jim Humble Foundation would be appreciated (see below).

I may be able to communicate briefly to a few people if you don’t find the answers you seek at the web sites above. The email address that follows will remain active through December, 2009:  

Meanwhile I work in a remote area of Africa training a couple of doctors to use MMS. I have been invited to several other hospitals and I will go as soon as I secure a supply of MMS chemicals. I also treat more and more Africans as they show up at my door asking for help. The current emphasis is on HIV and Malaria. I remain fairly active and I am not giving away this location for the time being.

The Foundation is ready now to receive funds which will greatly assist the spread of MMS throughout the world. Some have inquired about donations and this address has been set up to receive email from willing donors. My Business Manager will arrange to talk with you and provide wiring information or other fund transfer information together with follow up on Foundation letterhead. .

We are having amazing success, similar to the results between 2001 and 2006 before my books made MMS known publicly. The strategy today (in Africa clinics) is for HIV patients to take 3 drops an hour for 3 weeks for 8 to 10 hours during the day. The various health problems associated with the HIV poor immune system usually disappear within the first week and a half. If HIV blood tests show that it isn’t gone in 3 weeks we just increase the number of drops in the hourly dose until it is gone, but we never allow it to be so many drops that it makes the patient nauseous or sick. We do keep increasing the dose as much as possible.

It appears that when done right MMS is 100% effective against HIV and AIDS. Of course, all of my activation instructions must be followed. See my site at  [] Twenty methods are presented there for using MMS in various disease situations.

Just realize that HIV is only one disease. Patients with long-standing Staph and MRSA infections watch it disappear within a couple days. I’ve treated them all, TB, malaria, sleeping sickness, parasites, fungus, candida, inflamed pancreas, and anything known or unknown that is caused when we host germs, viruses, parasites and pathogens named or unnamed. Between 2001 and 2006 I traveled through Africa and South America testing MMS on more than 75,000 people. No one died or was harmed by MMS. Then in 2006 MMS became available and it has spread with very little advertising. Word-of-mouth has made it known.

How soon will I return home? It depends on how well we get this information out to the world. When the world understands the miracle associated with chlorine dioxide then I can take it easy.

In the past people complained about how bad MMS tastes, but now we have that solved. Since a dose of MMS – whether a few drops or many – only lasts about 1.5 hours in the body, we came to realize that instead of trying to achieve 12 or 15 drop doses (hard to do) the best practice is to prepare small two-drop doses, activated with unfiltered apple cider vinegar (best), or citric acid, or lemon juice. The ratio is always one drop MMS to 5 drops of the acid.

Swirl, wait 3 minutes, then add 2/3 glass of water – or more. That way you can’t taste the MMS. Any amount of water can be added because the ClO2 ions are locked together and remain available for 1.5 hours. This improved strategy would then be repeated every 1.5 to 2 hours so that there are minimal gaps when ClO2 is unavailable for circulation. But if it kills too many pathogens too rapidly, you will get nauseous, so ALWAYS stay just under that level – which differs from person to person.

Meanwhile though, I remain quite private, giving training classes to grass-root distributors, clinic owners, and hospital staff in Africa. Sorry about being paranoid. You know what they say, “Just because you’re paranoid is no proof they aren’t after you.” I am 76 years old and I’d like to take it easy someday. Please send this newsletter or article out to as many as you can. And take a look at my vision of what can be achieved with funding for the Jim Humble Foundation  [Here] .

Jim Humble

Resources Related to the 2009 Pandemic and Health Issues.

Every person will be making serious decisions about life and health between August and Nov., 2009. Even within families there are going to be disagreements about how to handle:
♦ vaccinations,
♦ pharmaceutical antibiotics that may be required by governments,
♦ methods of escaping forced vaccinations such as leaving one’s country or self quarantining for 30 or 60 days,
♦ use of exemption forms,
♦ how to behave under martial law.

It is a given by the World Health Organization that all 194 countries under their jurisdiction will inoculate every man, woman, and child – forcibly when necessary. The WHO claims the right to "disable national governments when necessary" and to provide police forces under martial law to force policies and procedures needed to control a pandemic. In 2005 US government passed laws that if a person is damaged by a vaccination (paralysis, death, brain damage, or job losses) that you have no recourse to sue doctors, nurses, or governments.

If forced vaccinations are NOT enforced, then planning to avoid the flu is simplified. Various law suits and injunctions are in process in August in the US and other countries to prohibit forced gun-point vaccinations. If we escape forced shots, we will then plan how to avoid catching any of the four flu viruses that other people are passing around. Millions of other people who did get their shots now carry the four flu viruses in their blood, thus helping to spread diseases as they walk around. HOW WILL YOU PROTECT YOURSELF?

Anyone promoting preventatives other than TAMIFLU or other approved antibiotics will be fined and/or imprisoned (so stated in July, 2009). Japan will be exempt – they prohibited Tamiflu use in Japan after a significant increase in suicides was reported last year when it was tested.

Other preventatives are known, including overdosing on Vitamin D, increasing Vitamin C, use of ionic or colloidal silver, and the powerful MMS product in which two drop doses every 1.5 hours with water can attack any and all viruses that may be ingested or inhaled. These are forbidden topics because they fly in the face of arrogant governments, corporate greed, and planned population reduction which the elite say (without embarrassment) is necessary.

If the WHO vaccination program is proven to be part of a de-population program, then aggressive leaders will shoot down any and all opposition such as antidotes and preventatives. There are significant reports that Tamiflu has almost no effect on any of the flu viruses, so why is it named as the primary approved preventative? We wonder.

Even if 20% of the people receiving shots die from it within two days, others may die a month or a year later from the vaccine. Those facts can be hidden or adjusted at will. Even the "Reason for death" can be registered as death from bronchial congestion, pneumonia, coughing spasms, flu, meningitis, old age, allergy complications, unknown infections, or bed sores, or staph. Statistics can and are used to make pandemics look worse than they are or not as bad as they are because the numbers are generated and published by the same people who benefit from the pandemic.

HOWEVER, if forced vaccinations ARE imposed on all people then your planning about health, life, and death is more difficult. Each family member may have different opinions about planned actions. Tension will be hard to avoid. In one family, some may want the shots, others will be determined to avoid them.

Suppose you are forced to stop the car at a road block. Uniformed police with UN badges and tasers ask to see your license and vaccination papers. Lacking those papers, you may be taken by force to a shelter where you will be given your shot(s). Will you resist or not? Have you planned how to behave in this situation?

If you resist, your car keys will be taken. You may be hand cuffed and taken to a bus or train for transportation to the nearest internment camp. What happens there hardly matters – maybe they won’t give you shots there – why waste them on you! There will be plenty of viral diseases that "just happen" to be in the air there, especially just after dark and during the night. No need to waste shots on those people. Did you have a small bottle of MMS with you when the car was stopped?

Read more – these internment jobs are real and waiting – posted in August, 2009:  [Click here] .

Governments would never do this to people, we say – except it happened twice already. In 1919 a high percentage of the people who died from Spanish Flu had been vaccinated, or they used newly-discovered aspirin to continue going to work before eventual collapse. documented  [Here] . And again in 1997 under President Ford (See resources below).

The next MMS newsletter (007) will seek answers to a few difficult questions:
♦ Will the elite classes be forced to take vaccinations like everyone else?
♦ Will there be different shots for different social classes?
♦ Will Squalene be omitted from test populations, then added for the masses?
♦ Will self-quarantine be allowed at home (shut in for 30 to 60 days)?
♦ Will mob-control police be in charge of inoculation enforcement (already contracted to be brought in)?
♦ Will school buildings be the primary inoculation centers?
♦ Why are children and pregnant women designated as "first receivers?"
♦ Will a series of three shots be standardized across all countries?
♦ Immediately before and after vaccinations what MMS doses are recommended? ♦ What other nutrients are critical for living through the pandemic?

In our lifetime we have not faced these life-and-death issues head-on and up front. There are a few months for planning before we take action based on our planning during these critical days. Persons who understand how MMS works will be in the best position to survive flu shots if they are forced on us. A list of basic MMS educational materials (no sales info) is at  [] which includes Jim Humble’s web sites and auxiliary articles related to the use of MMS. It’s all in writing and each person is responsible for growing in knowledge of how and why MMS works as the most powerful germicide on the planet.

To get the broad picture of the pandemic and the forces that created and drive it (in this year of unusually mild influenza cases) please explore the Pandemic resources below prepared by doctors, lawyers, and journalists. TV and Newspapers are controlled in what they can report regarding the pandemic. The population reduction agenda of the World Health Organization is rarely discussed on TV or in the press although hundreds of books and articles about it are in the public domain.

 [Here] – Mike Wallace interviews a woman paralyzed by 1976 forced vaccinations.
 [Here] – Threat of Global Pandemic Analyzed.
 [Here] – Dr Sandra Perlingieri: Components of M1N1 Vaccines.
 [Here] – Feds Can Quarantine Anyone With Flu-Like Symptoms.
 [Here] – Attorney Robert Kennedy – Vaccines: Deadly Immunity.
 [Here] – Full screen of Vaccine clickable items. GOOD. Many answers here.
 [Here] – Ron Paul, Kucinich, others re. Eugenics: Pure evil or life-saving?
 [Here] – Depopulation by Inoculation at (slow loading).
 [Here] – Twenty MMS protocols related to various health situations by Jim Humble.
 [Here] – Articles about MMS and how to apply it to specific situations.

The disclaimer for this Newsletter is [ Here ]. These writings are educational and informative materials that encourage health seekers to consult medical professionals at medical and health clinics where valid client-patient relationships can be legally sustained. Statements herein about MMS have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MMS is a well known mineral supplement and a water purifier not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any medical condition, you must take personal responsibility for your private experimentation, or consult a medical professional before using minerals, salts, foods, odors, hair colorings, skin enhancers, diet drinks, iodine, snake bite kits, tooth paste, lotions, aspartame, alcohol, cigarettes, MSG laden soups, or products mentioned in this newsletter. MMS is a water purifying mineral salt in solution. Competing products are known as "Stabilized Water," "Vitamin O," and other trade names packaged in various strengths. Sporting goods stores sell the same MMS mineral salt (Sodium Chlorite) in the form of water purification tablets for use by campers and hunters.

 The "Terms of Use Statement" is  [ Here ] .        The "Privacy Statement" is  [ Here ] .

MMS can be purchased from these suppliers – 

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