New effective malaria eradication

New effective malaria eradication

(Please spread this information)

MMS is a miraculous malaria therapy: bleach ingredients which are easily available for anyone cure malaria in a few hours without any side effects .Everyone can make a large quantity of MMS in the kitchen and that will make early extermination of malaria possible.And it will enable the escape from poverty promptly.

I am working for a Japanese NGO with the aim of extermination of hunger and poverty in the world.I learned the information about MMS in May 2008 and thought if this was true, this treatment would save and protect the many people suffering from malaria in the poor regions of the world, especially children and elderly people with little physical strength.I tested MMS in Bangladesh, India and Nigeria, which made me convinced of the validity of MMS as a treatment against malaria (as for other diseases, checking has not yet been done). I have tried to make it known in Japanese as Japanese is the only language I can use.But in Japan there is no malaria patients and few people are interested in this disease.

As I want to make this information known to the countries with many malaria patients in need of this information, I asked a friend of mine to translate my messages into English. I am happy if those who read this English message would give this information to the countries with many malarial patients in Asia and Africa.

Knowing that one bottle of MMS at hand is capable of curing more than two hundred people who are dying from malaria, I couldn’t bear to do nothing, so I have tried to disperse this information.

Though so many people know and use MMS in Japan, MMS is not yet known to the countries and people who suffer from malaria, for which this treatment was actually developed. I would like to call for your help to enable the people suffering from malaria to use MMS.What you can do right now is to copy & paste this information and send it to organizations in the countries with many malaria patients.I would like you to find out suitable organizations or activists in such regions and provide them with whatever information given in my sites or articles.You may use without my permission any testing data, pictures, videos, and articles given there. Your kind actions would be welcome to save no less than three billion people exposed to the danger of malaria in the world.

If you wan

t to contact me, please use Japanese if possible.If you use English or other languages, please write simply, so that I can find out meaning by the help of a translator (machine).I am now seeking people who can work with me (people who have Japanese knowledge would be quite welcome).

Please propagate this good news to as many NGOs and people of the developing countries as possible. I appreciate your kind assistance.

Mutsuro ISHII


(For more information about MMS,)


*Report of my activities so far

*Possibility and plan of a rapid extermination of malaria through MMS

*Side effects and harm of malaria drugs

*Possibility to overcome overwhelming shortage of doctors and health-care staff

*Possibility of early eradication of malarial mosquitoes

*Cost of eradication of malaria by means of MMS

*MMS is no menace to pharmaceutical companies


MMS とは

Malaria Solution

Miracle Mineral Supplement

Miracle Mineral Solution

Master Mineral Solution


Jim Humble ジム・ハンブル氏によって



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