*MMS could not be a menace to pharmaceutical companies


We have not yet developed the effective and efficient medicine for malaria, since malaria can easily develop resistance against medicines.

Artesunate(=artemisinin)which had been considered to be effective against resistance-developed malaria has not worked these years due to the appearance of more powerful resistant malaria. Although Artemisinin-based combination therapies such as artequin(combination of mefloquine and artesunate)has produced good results, yet, mosquitoes who build up resistance against this treatment are also appearing .

MMS, against which malaria cannot develop resistance, can be utilized to make combined medicine by which pharmaceutical companies would make profit in combating not only malaria but also any other diseases. This would allow those companies to invest more in research and development for malaria medication. We have already received a report that better result could be obtained in curing some diseases except malaria, by taking a traditional medicine together with MMS with time interval.



*   MMSは製薬会社などの脅威とはならない


マラリアはマラリア薬に耐性を持ってしまう事でいまだに特効薬がありませんでした 耐性マラリアに効果があるとされ特効薬と思われていましたアーテスネート(アーテミシニン)もここ数年で耐性を持つマラリアが出てきましたが アルテキン(Artequin=メフロキンとアーテスネートの複合剤)などアーテミシニンがベースの他のマラリア薬との組み合わせの ACT治療 は効果をあげています このようにMMSも複合剤として使用されればマラリア以外の薬品にも複合できますので製薬会社にとってもMMSの研究開発につながります これまでマラリア以外の病気にMMSを使用されている方々からは 処方される薬とMMSの両方を時間を開けて使用した場合のほうが検査値の経過が良くなったとのご報告もいくつか入っています 

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