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Now the point of focus in three-day-activities was determined. That was a village named Karsi, one hour drive away.

Mr.Darlington , Mr.Giftoo, Mr. Ido and I were the members to work together.Almost 80% of people there were malaria-positive. They first received blood tests and their names and ages were recorded before being given MMS. We checked them both with malaria kits and microscope tests. We made again medical check-ups the following days and more than 95% of people became negative. Diarrhea caused by MMS was experienced by 10% of patients, among whom 10% was very severe. However, the following day, even those symptoms subsided、they said.

Microscope lab showed that more than 90% of people were positive about malaria as well as typhoid fever. Here in a village named Abuja, they said that malaria, typhoid fever and HIV are prevalent, but we did not check HIV. Unlike parasite-related malaria, virus-related diseases such as HIV and cancer are not perfectly cured through MMS, but only several dozens percentage of them are healed. In order to make it clear quickly how MMS can work against virus-related ones, it is necessary to launch the research of MMS against malaria. Since MMS is obviously effective to malaria, it would be a shortcut to start with malaria, not with cancer and HIV of which data has not been collected enough.



さて 活動地が決まり車で1時間のカルシという村で3日間活動です

ダーリントンさんとギフトゥーさん イドーさんと私の4人で活動しました

ここもマラリア感染者が多く80%ちかくの方がマラリアポジティブでした 初めに血液検査をして名前や年齢などを記録してMMSを与えました マラリアキットと顕微鏡検査の両方で調べました 翌日に再び検査をして反応を見ましたが95%以上の方がマラリアネガティブと出ました MMSによる下痢は1割くらいの方が普通の下痢になり その内の10%の方が水様便になったそうです しかし 翌日にはそれも治まったそうです 顕微鏡のラボではマラリアと共に腸チフスも調べたそうですがこちらも90%以上の方がネガティブと反応が出ました ここアブジャの村々では腸チフスとマラリア そしてHIVも多いそうですがHIVの検査はしていません HIVやガンなどのウィルスレベルのMMSの効果は数十%と 寄生虫レベルのように完全ではありません いかに早くMMS を研究させてウィルスレベルの病気への効果の解明をさせるには マラリアに対してのMMSの研究を本格的に始めさせることが必要です 今の段階でMMSをガンやHIVなどの病気の研究から始めさせるのは難しいので 明らかに効果のあるマラリアからのMMSの研究を始めさせることが近道だと思います


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