*Possibility and plan of a rapid extermination of malaria through MMS

Possibility and plan of a rapid extermination of malaria through MMS

Malaria drugs cost from 24yen(24 cents) per one treatment (twice a day for 4 days duration, one dose is two tablets: a tablet costs 1.5yen=1.5cents) to several hundred yen depending on a country and a region.

Converted to the currencies of developing countries, these costs sometimes correspond to the value of ten to thirty times as much as that in Japan.

It’s often the case that people without cash income and poor people can neither go to hospital nor buy drugs.But if they can, many people are compelled to walk a long distance crossing mountains to reach hospitals and drug stores.

And often it takes a half day or a day or two to reach the hospitals and drug stores, and many patients are not well enough to make such a long travel.

And some non malaria patients, believing to be one, buy malaria drugs and don’t benefit from it.

And many fake drugs are prevalent in the market.

Even though malaria drugs are given out without cost by the government or through the aid of other countries, the place of distribution is sometimes too far away for many people to reach.

The shortage of doctors is so grave that many people can’t get medical examinations or treatments.

Malaria drugs like other drugs can be provided only by hospitals and drug stores with license, thus channels of distribution are limited.Many people live in places where the drugs are not easily accessible.

The studies and experiments made it clear that chlorine dioxide, the ingredient of MMS, can be kept for a long time if it is hermetically sealed.Therefore you canadd MMS to juice, and this MMSjuice can be mass produced and carried to remote places in the mountains or villages where there are no hospitals or drug stores. Grocery stores can provide such drinks whereas drugs can be available only in hospitals or drug stores.

Any malaria patient can drink this MMS juice without being tested and diagnosed by doctors.There are four types of malaria, and according to the type medication is different. You have to choose suitable medicine for the specific type of malaria.But MMS can cure all the types of malaria, so time and cost for the medical procedure is saved.

And MMS has neither side effects nor harm as some malaria drugs have, and through MMS you recover quite rapidly. You need just several tens of minutes for taking MMS once or twice whereas you need some weeks when treated with traditional malaria drugs.

And MMS is effective against incurable types of malaria caused by malaria-drugs-resistant mosquitoes as well as common types of malaria.

You can take MMS without any problem, when you are not sure whether you are with malaria or not, and if the illness is caused by parasites and the like, they become negative after taking MMS.

If you suffer from other diseases than malaria, the condition will be better after taking MMS. So you don’t need to call a doctor.

Healthy people can also take MMS as preventive without harm or side effects.

So if you utilize these characteristics of MMS and spread MMS-added juice widely, early eradiation of malaria will be possible and many people will be able to begin to work again.




マラリア薬は国や地域により 1治療24円(1錠1.5円×2錠 1日2回 4日間 )~数百円など価格が違います  途上国の物価価値からするとそれらの金額は日本の10数倍から30倍などに等しい金額になる場合があります  現金収入の無い人々や貧困な人々は 病院に行くことも 薬を買うことも出来ない場合が多く たとえできたとしても 病院や薬局まで 山をいくつも超えたり 長い道のりを歩かなければならない人々も多いです 半日や1日・2日かかる方々も多く そこまでたどり着けない健康状態の方も多いです また マラリアかどうか判らないでマラリア薬を買ってしまい治らない方もいます また 偽薬が多く出まわっているのも現状です その国の政府や各国の支援があって マラリア薬を無料で配布されても 配布先までの道のりが遠く たどり着けない方も多いです 圧倒的な医師の不足もあり 診察や治療が受けられない方も多いです マラリア薬は薬品であり 病院や薬局などの取り扱う資格のある所で支給されるため 流通経路が限られていて すぐに薬を入手することができない場所に住んでいる方も多いです MMSのCLO2=二酸化塩素は密封した状態であれば長期間の保存が可能であることが実験・研究でわかっていますので MMSジュースとして量産し ジュース会社などの流通経路を使って 病院や薬局などがなく薬品が入手困難な 山の奥地や辺鄙な場所や村などの雑貨店でも入手することが可能です MMSジュースは 医師などによる どのタイプのマラリアなのか検査・診断する必要や時間も必要としなく どのマラリア薬なのかを選ぶ必要もありません また マラリア薬に伴う強い副作用や害もなく 数週間という長い治療時間もかからなく 1度か2度飲むだけで数十分という速さで回復します また 問題となっています マラリア薬に耐性を持っている手の施しようのないマラリアに対しても同じように効果があります MMSはマラリアかどうか判らずに飲んでも 問題はなく 寄生虫レベルであれば陰性に戻してしまいます 他の病気であっても状態が改善されますので 医師は必要としません 健康な方が飲んでも 病気の予防にもなり 害や副作用はありません MMSジュースの この流通の利点を活かせば マラリアの早期の撲滅は可能となり 多くの人が また 働けるようになります


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