MMS Juice

MMS Juice

When we get MMS juice (with a bottle as one dose) on the market, combating malaria could be much easier in terms of simple and effortless access. People could get it wherever a small shop stands even in mountain sides and remote villages, whereas usually malaria medications are available only at hospitals and pharmacies. When drinking this MMS juice which work even against drug-resistant malaria, you do not need to check which type of malaria, nor receive any medical check-up, which means that MMS juice could be an effective solution for overwhelming shortage of medical doctors and staff as well as medical facilities and appliances. People no longer need to spend half day or a few days in reaching the place where medications are available. MMS juices are also effective in coping with patients in recurrent situations in malaria prevalent areas.

I would sincerely ask your cooperation in our efforts to provide them with MMS.

The name of MMS originally represents malaria solution which was meant to serve small children and elders unable to buy malaria medications due to poverty, who die every 10 seconds.

Even the cheap MMS for rich countries do not reach the hands of most necessity.

It would be an enormous shame and disgrace for wealthy countries to just stand indifferently and not to share MMS with most needy people




このようにマラリア1治療分のMMS入りジュースを流通させることで マラリア薬などの薬品が病院や薬局などの限られた場所でしか入手できないのに対して 山奥や辺鄙な村にもある食品や雑貨などを扱うお店などでMMS入りジュースを飲むことが簡単にできるようになることで マラリアの撲滅を早めることが出来る このMMSのジュース化により 病院や薬局まで来れないマラリア患者が簡単にMMSジュースでマラリアを治療してしまうことで 医師の診断を受けて どのタイプのマラリアなのかを検査する時間と費用がかからず どのマラリア薬を必要とするのかを選ぶ必要もなく 耐性マラリアに対しても効果があることなどで 圧倒的に少ない医師や人員の不足を解消でき 設備や検査器具 いくつもの種類のマラリア薬にかかる費用を削減できます 何よりも これまで 病院や薬の手に入るところまで 半日や1~2日もかけて たどり着くことが出来 マラリアを治療しても また蚊に刺されれば発症してしまうマラリア多発地域に住むマラリア患者にとっては 重要な生存の問題であります


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