Cost of eradication of malaria through MMS

Cost of eradication of malaria through MMS

CLO2 (chlorine dioxide), as an ingredient of MMS has neither side-effects, nor harm as far as we obey the certain instructions of usage. That has been proved by the fact that tens of thousands of people have been drinking MMS every day for more than a decade.

MMS is, actually, 22.4% sodium chlorite water dilute solution, which means that cost of a dose of curing malaria should be less than 0.1 yen when it is made in developing countries.

1: When we estimate the number of people who die of malaria over the world annually at 3 million, then, the cost of MMS should be less than three hundred of thousand yen

2: When we estimate the number of people who are infected with malaria at three hundred million, then, the cost of MMS should be less than thirty million yen.

3: Each developing country could produce MMS as juices in large quantities, not only to distribute them domestically but also to export them to other rich countries, whichwould help impoverished African to establish a self-sufficient system smoothly in providing MMS enough to cure malaria especially in those area where people suffer from it repeatedly.

4: By utilizing MMS as a very effective treatment for malaria, we could drastically cut the cost of traditional medication and medical equipment as well as the cost of labor of medical doctors and staffs who should be otherwise engaged in medical check-up, consulting and curing malaria. Simultaneously, we could also cut the huge budget of tens of billions of yen annually which is spent in research and development for s specific malaria medicine. Furthermore, the worldwide budget of hundreds of billions of yen which have been annually allotted in combating malaria could be utilized in other areas such as HIV, health and hygiene educational program, education for children and other training programs and agriculture.

5:Hundreds of millions of people who overcome malaria could work and contribute to overall national economy which would make the level of social welfare, health and education much better in a respective country.




MMSの成分であります二酸化塩素(CLO2)は使用方法を誤らなければ飲用することが出来 副作用や害がありません それは この10数年間 世界で数万人もの方々が毎日常飲されていて証明されています 


1 : 年間世界でマラリアで亡くなる方を300万人と想定して単純計算するとMMSの原価は30万円以下です

2 : 世界のマラリア感染者を3億人と想定して単純計算するとMMSの原価は3000万円以下です

3 : 途上国各国においてMMSをジュースとして量産・流通販売した場合はマラリアの無い裕福な国への輸出も含めて十分にマラリアの治療にかかるコストを自給出来る体制が速やかに築く事ができ 感染を繰り返すマラリアの多い地域での再治療のコストも十分に補える

4 : MMSのマラリアの治療では マラリア検査・診断と治療のための医師や人員の経費 設備や器具 薬品などのコストを削減出来  マラリアの特効薬の研究開発のために費やされる年間何百億円もの研究費も削減できるため 年間毎にかかっている数千億円ものマラリアの撲滅に向けた世界予算を他のHIVや衛生・保健 子供の教育や人材育成 農業などの自給できるための開発など多くの事に運用できます

5 : マラリアなどによって働けなくなった何億という人々が働けるようになることで その国の生産高を高め その国や地域の保健や福祉 教育などの充実が満たされるようになる


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