Possibility of eradication of Malaria mosquitoes

Possibility of eradication of Malaria mosquitoes

It is still in a study phase, but theoretically mosquitoes with malaria parasite will become malaria-negative and become harmless the instant they suck the blood of a person who drank MMS juice.

(Due to the lack of funding there aren’t enough studies and experiments about it, though they are very important. Unfortunately I don’t have hundreds of thousands of yen for the study.Your kind donation would be mostly welcome.)

If mosquitoes can be made negative for malaria, malaria mosquitoes can be eradicated, and the money spent on mosquito prevention including distribution of expensive mosquito nets can be used for other purposes like better nourishment, education, development of agriculture etc




現在 研究段階ですが 理論的には MMSジュースを飲んだ方の血をマラリア原虫を持つ蚊が吸った場合 瞬間的に その蚊はマラリア陰性に戻り無害になります(この実験・研究はとても重要ですが資金がなくて進んでいません 数十万円というお金は今の私にはありません ご協力をお願いいたします) もし 蚊の陰性化が出来るのであれば マラリア蚊の撲滅も可能になり コストが高い蚊帳などの配布や妨蚊のための資金の1部分を別の栄養や教育・農業などの開発などにも使えると思います



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