World Malaria Day 2014 / Revolutionary new malaria treatment

World Malaria Day 2014

Revolutionary new malaria treatment

From : Facebook malaria eradication group

Educational activities of a completely new breakthrough malaria therapy
Further will do the guidance of sterilization of water

MMS therapy will cure in a few hours malaria
Moreover, there is no harm or side effects
Cost of treatment is 0.1 cents
MMS can anyone manufacturing
And I can be used easily by anyone


We offer free MMS


From :



*Report of my activities so far

*Possibility and plan of a rapid extermination of malaria through MMS

*Side effects and harm of malaria drugs

*Possibility to overcome overwhelming shortage of doctors and health-care staff

*Possibility of early eradication of malarial mosquitoes

*Cost of eradication of malaria by means of MMS

*MMS Juice

*MMS is no menace to pharmaceutical companies




Severe malaria unconscious patient has been restored in 30 minutes

I filmed this video

MMS-Malaria treatment activity 


Mechanisms Of Chlorine Oxides Against Malaria

The following is the address on internet where the dissertation about MMS by Mr. Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD is available.


Though malaria is cured by drugs, you may fall ill again, if you get a mosquito bite and infected with malaria.

Then the patients must take malaria drugs again, whose side effects are especially hard for children, older people and people with little physical strength.Among the side effects are urticarial, malaise, anorexia, headaches and body aches, and sometimes problems of kidney, pancreas, or lever occur.

In some regions and villages people are so often and repeatedly infected with malaria that they must take drugs all the time as is the case with painkiller.

If you think of the harm and side effects of the malaria drugs taken repetitiously, drinking MMS which has neither harm nor side effects on regular bases seems especially good for these regions.


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