Artemisinin is effective in cancer / アーテミシニンが正常な細胞の中の12000以上のがん細胞だけを食い殺す

Nobel Prize winner in 2015 artemisinin Dr. You you Tu

Artemisinin There are also effective in diseases other than malaria

Artemisinin can be easily cultivated anyone

We will perform the activities hat teach in developing countries

Among one of the normal cell
It will kill 12000 or more of cancer cells

And Of the anti-cancer agent 34000 times the effect I can expect

Page of artemisinin

2015年 アーテミシニンでのノーベル賞受賞者 トウ・ヨウヨウ博士

このアーテミシニンがマラリア以外に 一つの正常な細胞の中の1万4千以上の

がん細胞を殺菌出来 抗がん剤の34000倍の効果が研究でわかってきました


入手でき栽培できます この情報を私たちは途上国の人たちに教えていきます


Basictreatment ofmalariaartemisinin
2015artemisininwas awardedthe Nobel Prize
However, evenincancerand other diseasesand it has beenprovento be effective
しかし ガンや他の病気にも効果があると証明されてきました

A little-known Chinese herb might be eligible for the growing list of alternative cancer treatments. According to  studies published  in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters, and Anticancer Drugs, artemesinin, a derivative of the wormwood plant commonly used in Chinese medicine, can kill off  cancer cells and do it at a rate of 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell.

Henry Lai and his team of researchers from the University of Washington synthesized the compound, which uses a cancer cell’s appetite for iron, to make only these diseased cells the target. The great thing about artemisinin is that alone it can selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

By itself, artemisinin is about 100 times more selective in killing cancer cells as opposed to normal cells. Artemisinin is 34,000 times more potent in killing the cancer cells as opposed to their normal cousins. So the tagging process appears to have greatly increased the potency of artemisinin’s cancer-killing properties.
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